About our consulting firm

The world needs exceptional Christian schools because it needs well-educated, biblically anchored and morally clear young people grounded in the Truth. We believe no institution is more able to create this treasured human resource than Christian schools. Our goal is to help Christian schools flourish, and we will do all we can to support them in that effort.

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About Our Process

Analogous to a large firm such as McKinsey or Accenture, our team works together as a brain-and-talent trust, combining our diverse skills and experience to immerse ourselves in solving problems schools are facing today. Each person’s wisdom is made stronger when it is honed through the rigorous review and collaborative engagement of the full team.

When a school seeks our services, a formal intake procedure helps our team understand specific needs and deliverables. Our wise and experienced advisors come alongside the school to offer an array of counsel and advice in an ordered, structured manner.

NextEd consistently looks for opportunities where direct work with schools can be turned into helpful products and services for other schools. Thus, we take lessons and solutions and turn them into opportunities for other schools.

What sets us apart



With our collective experience and our knowledge of great partnership opportunities, we craft specialized solutions for your school such as:



NextEd provides creative and innovative technology platforms to ease the strain of running a business, so schools can spend more time educating.



Each of the NextEd team members have extensive networks that provide access to quality existing support partners.

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