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Adapting to change in order to remain a relevant option in the future involves constituent feedback, an understanding of the latest advances in educational innovation, and a fresh, creative approach.

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Strategic Planning

Where do we go from here?

That is a question that should be asked regularly for ultimate school health. While it may seem like a simple question, it involves a careful look at school quality, differentiated programs, financial health, analysis of competitors, the structure of decision-making, and understanding of school culture.

Take action

We help schools find opportunities for improvement and innovation and initiate a prioritized action plan. Lastly, we help structure and support the financial resources necessary for seeing the action plan come to life.

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Facility Optimization

We help schools re-envision how to get the best out of what they have by finding opportunities for improvement and highly creative innovation within their existing school facilities. Then, we initiate a prioritized action plan to help their visions become a reality.

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Talent Recruitment and Placement

Finding the right fit

To ensure schools and potential staff can find and learn more about each other, we provide a talent and recruiting platform that is similar to an Internet matchmaking site. Because every school has a unique culture and every potential employee has unique skills and talents, this helps ensure a good fit for both.

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Services that scale

While many talent firms exist for higher level leadership positions, very few exist for positions below that level. Providing high-touch search services is affordable for a school if done on a scalable matchmaking platform. We extend these services to heads of school, division leaders, coaches, guidance counselors, deans, spiritual life directors and more.


School Startup

Starting a new school is complicated on multiple levels. From initial market analysis to the architectural, permit and construction stages, our depth and variety of experience and knowledge can provide step-by-step instruction to guide you through the process of making your dream grow into a solid reality.

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Quality Constituent Feedback

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Vital feedback to guide school improvement

Like it or not, most parents (customers), students (consumers) and staff members are re-evaluating the value of a private education every day. We provide services that help the school discern where their value lies and where it needs strengthening.

As we know, not only do curricular and extracurricular areas affect that value but the school culture does as well. Through standardized questions and school-based inquiry, we generate metrics which show the perceived quality of the school through the eyes of customers, consumers and staff. Based on the feedback and analysis, we help you focus on the development and implementation of school improvement plans.


Program Innovation

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The next generation of students and families are looking for relevant, up to date innovation and hands-on engagement. We consider your community and market, and help you implement compelling innovative programs that will entice new families and help you re-energize your school.


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