Provision Services

Quality teaching and learning can only continue if the underlying financial structure is solid. We provide a data driven check-up and low cost solutions for addressing and sustaining business excellence.

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School Operations Support

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Strategic financial support

We support the management of student records, budgeting, HR services, payroll and benefits, marketing/communications, donor records, facility management, IT support and school safety. After a thorough analysis of business office performance, NextEd will supply a strategic financial plan to ensure sustainable fiscal health for the school.

Ensure the quality & accuracy of your data

Schools often dedicate considerable time and full-time equivalents to basic financial services (tuition billing/collection, bill paying/processing, financial statements, HR, etc.). We provide remote and cloud-based solutions that result in reduced costs, increased quality, accuracy of data and critical financial dashboards to inform boards and school leadership of the financial health data they need to fiscally steward the school’s finances.

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Tuition Effectiveness Audit

We provide a holistic financial analysis tool that measures the maximization of net tuition revenue by evaluating:


The quality of student recruitment.


The effective management of the admissions funnel.


The setting of appropriate tuition.

Tuition Aid

The appropriate awarding of tuition aid.

The process begins with a standards-based evaluation of institutional health in each of these key areas. If the data suggests light to serious dissonances from the benchmark standards, we advise with consolidated recommendations for a robust recruitment and admissions management process and a balanced tuition/financial aid profile for the school.


School Turnaround

Viable solutions for a sustainable future

Closing schools or allowing them to languish in ill-health is unnecessary. But sometimes a school finds itself in need of a major overhaul in terms of performance and direction in order to get things moving in a sustainable direction.

Rather than closing or applying yet another short-term fix, we help find the root of the problems and seek often hidden opportunities, ultimately providing a roadmap to missional and fiscal health.

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Data-driven analysis

Key metrics for success in these areas include the analysis of the surrounding market, school differentiators, constituent feedback, school financial support, community support, and staffing consistent with the mission of the school.


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