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We work with schools to ensure they find the maximum level of talent and the perfect fit for every key position in their school. Our searches not only find the right people but ensure the school is in a condition where talented people will thrive and flourish.

Head of School Search & Performance Support

Quality Leadership, Performance Feedback & Quality Support

Seating the right leader in a school has a cascading effect on all aspects of school quality, culture and outcomes. Leadership changes present great opportunities for school growth and advancement. The NextEd search process asks the right questions, probes the right depths of the school’s mission and helps the Board recruit, assess and place the right leader. Our process creates a unifying and collaborative work that helps launch a new future for the school.


Interim Head of School Services

A healthy leadership transition

Don’t just fill a seat while you search for new leadership. Instead, use an interim leader to help the school get ready for permanent leadership. Schools need to take great care when seating a new head of school. When time and opportunity allows, using a NextEd interim leadership placement can help the school address opportunities for necessary change and improvements before a new permanent heads takes over.

We can help bridge the gap

Utilizing many of the NextEd tools, the interim head can identify and implement needed interventions helping to transition a healthy school to the new leader. We ensure the right leader is chosen, and the school they inherit is ready to thrive under their leadership.


Talent Recruitment and Placement

To ensure schools and potential staff can find and learn more about each other, we provide recruiting and talent placement specifically focused on the unique needs of Christian schools. Because every school has a unique culture and every potential employee has unique skills and talents, our matching platform helps ensure a good fit for both.

While many talent firms exist for higher-level leadership positions, very few exist for positions throughout the school. Providing high-touch search services can be affordable for a school through our contingency-based staff placement platform. We extend these services to heads of school, division leaders, coaches, guidance counselors, deans, spiritual life directors and more.


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