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We want to help you achieve what is next for your school and your students.

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NextEd Talent

The most effective schools are those with exceptional people in every role. Our Talent Platform delivers results.

Head of School Search & Performance Support

We help school boards provide meaningful performance feedback & quality support.

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Head of School Interim

We maximize leadership transition periods to ensure a thriving school is placed in the hands of the next leader.

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Technical Recruitment

We provide a revolutionary new job-placement & recruiting technology connecting teachers & staff to schools.

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Our Specialties

At NextEd, we leverage our expertise in 3 distinct areas.

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Leaders are key to a school’s health and future success. We supply feedback on leadership effectiveness along with training and support to ensure excellent and focused leadership where it counts most.


Adapting to change is crucial for Christian Schools to remain a viable option in our communities. We help you focus on relevant solutions.

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Teaching and learning can only continue if the underlying financial structure is solid. We provide a data driven check-up and low cost solutions for addressing and sustaining business excellence.

NextEd Associates

NextEd is deeply passionate about three things:


Helping Christian schools reach their greatest potential in order to become the schools of highest regard and choice in their community.


Increasing the opportunity for many more children to be impacted by Christian schools.


Helping to grow and support exceptional school leaders.

We pursue these passions by:


Providing a roadmap and solutions that Boards and school leaders can follow to reach the highest standards in Christian schooling.


Seeking to be an effective advising, training and mentoring organization for Boards and Christian school leaders.


Pursuing opportunities to convene additional sources of talent, innovation, products, services and solutions for Christian schools.

If your passions are similar and if you have a unique skillset or deep experience in our pursuits, we would like to hear from you about potentially joining our team as a NextEd Associate.
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NextEd services

Take a seat at the table

The global Christian school movement should be likened to a banquet table with the potential for unlimited seating. And it should have the very best food and drink. Unfortunately, many of today’s children and their parents do not know there is a banquet or can’t find a seat at the table. The food and drink are often subpar. NextEd will multiply the number of children at the banquet table and work tirelessly to ensure the food and drink are exceptional.

Our Philosophy

Our Clients

Our Clients

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Hear what our great clients say

At NextEd, we work together to solve the problems schools face today. Here is what some of our clients think.

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We not only gained from [NextEd’s] diligence and extensive experience in helping us select a new leader for our school, but they also advised us along the way… Our trust was well founded.

Board Chair
Allen Academy
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Our experience with NextEd in determining feasibility and building a business plan for our proposed project was stellar… even beyond expectations.

Pacific Southwest District
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They brought peace of mind and confidence to our founding members and our overall school community. There is no question that it was a great decision [to invest] in NextEd because of the commitment they showed in journeying with us.

Head Of School
Colorado Christian Academy
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We talked to all the larger firms and chose NextEd because of their personal relationships, knowledge, experience, and trust within the Christian School community... We couldn’t have been happier with our decision!

Board Chair
King's Ridge Christian School
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In NextEd, we found a partner for this search who listened and fully took the time to understand our needs, as well as the level of excellence in a Head of School for which we were searching… We could not have asked for or retained a better Christian based search firm for our needs.

Board Chair
Savannah Christian Preparatory School
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I've worked with a number of consultants and search agencies in my career, and I can confidently say that my experience with NextEd was second to none.

Head Elect
Savannah Christian Preparatory School
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Kurt and Randy were incredible partners in our search for a new Head of School. Their wisdom and experience were obvious to our entire Board very early in the process, and the manner in which they conducted the search and coordinated our interactions with candidates made both us and the prospective leaders very comfortable.

Board Chair
Lucas Christian Academy
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