Why We Exist

A letter from our team...

We exist to support the excellence, innovation and sustainability of Christian schools.  

In order to thrive, Christian schools need capable leaders who receive quality counsel and specialized training. They must be supported by school boards who provide informed advice and counsel buttressed by good data, benchmarks of excellence, a long-term vision and the courage and knowledge to implement healthy change.

Christian schools, above all, need to be excellent. Excellence is attractive, influential and provides the greatest measure of long-term sustainability for any particular school or brand of education.

The church of tomorrow is under construction. It will be ushered in through the faith, wisdom and encouragement of the generation currently in K-12 schools. We must prepare them intellectually and spiritually to steward this enormous responsibility. In our current culture, Christian families often feel ill-equipped to go it alone, and public schools are increasingly hostile and antithetical to biblical values. There is no better place for consistent Christian community and learning than a flourishing Christian school.

Leading a successful Christian school is truly complex work that requires passion, intellect, humility, grit, discernment and a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise. These skills are within each leader’s grasp. Christian schools can and should be excellent. The world’s children deserve an excellent Christ-centered education – not just for the few, but for the many.

The global Christian school movement should be likened to a banquet table with the potential for unlimited seating. It should have the very best food and drink. Unfortunately, many of today’s children and their parents do not know there is a banquet or can’t find a seat at the table. The food and drink are often subpar. NextEd will multiply the number of children at the banquet table and work tirelessly to ensure the food and drink are exceptional.

NextEd is committed to helping strong schools become stronger. Christian schools of the future must host authentic preparatory excellence and must be a place of God’s delight and favor. Come join us at the banquet table.

The NextEd Team

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